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Before we explain what we can do to help you learn about your rights and floating home ownership in general, let’s make sure you are our target audience for this information.  There are roughly 1,500 floating homes in Oregon and the information contained in this website will be relevant to only about half of those floating home owners.

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If you answered NO to any of the questions above, then very little content in this website will pertain to your situation.  However, please go to the RESOURCES AND LINKS subpage to find a summary of where you can look further to find help for your situation.

This website was created from a need to inform floating home owners about their rights. As floating home owners, we have heard far too many stories of marina owners violating the rights of their floating home residents for several reasons.  Either the marina owners are not familiar with the current laws governing the floating home landlord-tenant relationship, or they just don’t care and are betting that you don’t know that you have special rights as a floating home owner.  Either way, the only way for floating home owners to allow their rights to be violated is if they don’t know what their rights are.


It is VERY important for us to state: WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS and WE ARE NOT OFFERING ANY LEGAL ADVICE.  Please do not contact us for legal assistance.  You can find a list of attorneys that have been known to specialize in similar tenant-landlord cases in the RESOURCES AND LINKS page.  We are simply a reservoir of information that may be able to help you.

So, here are some violations of floating homeowner rights that we’ve heard about over the years:

The marina owners changed their pet policy and I am no longer permitted to keep my dog.  The owners say I have to sell my home or get rid of my dog.

When I told the marina owner that I wanted to sell my floating home, the marina owner said that my home was too small and no longer met the current home size requirements of the marina.  So, if I choose to sell, then the new owner would have to move it out of the moorage.

I just bought a floating home for the first time and the home is in good condition, but the marina owner is requiring me to update the home and float to come into compliance with current codes and something called Title 28 and that will cost thousands!

My lease states that, if I want to rent out my floating home, then the new tenant must be approved by the marina owner.  Since I knew it was a possibility that I’d be renting out the house at some point, this concession seemed fair and reasonable enough when I signed the lease at the time that I purchased my home.  Now that I want to rent it out, the marina owner says they don’t ever allow anyone to live at the marina except the homeowners.  I wish I’d known that before I bought at that marina.

To be clear, marinas owners cannot legally do any of those things to an Oregon floating home owner, who owns their home, and also rents their slip from a moorage with 4 or more other floating homes.

If you’d like to know more about your rights, click here to read about Oregon Floating Home Law.